Waterproofing of a terrace with cold polyurea

In the sanatorium for balneotherapy and rehabilitation "Vita" Pomorie our team laid waterproofing of cold polyurea on an outdoor terrace. InfraPUR PU Aliphatic Cold Poliurea 1K is a one-component, liquid, waterproofing product based on polyurethane, which hardens by reaction with atmospheric moisture, forming a dense elastic layer. Its content is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin and special inorganic materials, providing excellent chemical, mechanical and thermal and UV resistance. Due to the low solvent content (xylol) no further dilution is required. Grey color.

 Areas of application:

    Gypsum and cement panels
    Verandas and balconies
    Asphalt and EPDM membranes
    Tribunes in stadiums
    Parking lots
    Bridge platforms
    Light metal and fiber cement roof constructions.