The advantages of seamless flooring in indoor sports halls

  1. COVID-19 focused the attention on disinfection in closed public spaces during the past two years. The tendencies for use of jointless flooring in closed gyms increase in popularity. The systems of self-levelling polyurethane are mostly preferred among them because of their resistance and compact jointless coating. By choosing a system of self-levelling polyurethane, you can be sure that the level of hygiene and disinfection will cover all health standards for premises for public use. Our systems InfraSPORT PU 410 and InfraSPORT PU 410 Roll (with rubber roll) are the perfect solution. They possess all characteristics of the high-quality sports flooring with smooth and solid play surface, high capacity to carry dynamic loads. Their main advantage, to differentiate them from the vinyl and PVC flooring, is the absence of joints which guarantees trouble-free cleaning and facilitates daily disinfection, especially in the conditions of containment measures. The system InfraSPORT PU 410 Roll (with a rubber roll) possesses a non-combustibility certificate EN 13501-1 from the European laboratory Eurolab. Our specialists will provide you with guidelines for securing the needed degree of safety in your indoor gym.

1)      How to choose a quality flooring depending on the needs and condition of the floor base - the system InfraSPORT PU 410 Roll (with a rubber roll) is recommended for old and worn out concrete bases.

2)      How to maintain cleanliness on a daily basis without additional investment in costly cleaning products and machines - by choosing our flooring you can be sure that this will be easy and at a low cost. Only regular wet cleaning with a mop and a solution of universal cleaning product in water is needed. The flooring does not retain moisture or dirt and thus eliminates the need of chemical solvents and specialized cleaning equipment.

COVID-19 changed safety standards worldwide and we, the team of Infra Concept Ltd, follow this tendency by providing quality products for each project of ours. By choosing our flooring, you can rely on certified quality and excellent level of professional consulting on all matters.